the art of block printing

block printing is a centuries old craft dating back 500 years in India. our signature fabric designs are first conceived, then hand rendered in our northern california textile studio. we then work hand in hand with our team of master artisans in rajasthan india to realize our designs and color stories onto fabric. the process requires several steps.

hand carving 

first, a block of sustainable sheesam wood is cut to fit the size of the repeating pattern of the design. the block maker then lightly transfers our artwork to the individual blocks surface with ink. one color of the design at a time is carved as one block is required for each color in the design.
using miniature chisels, hammers and drills, the carving of the blocks is done by removing negative space in the design. precision is paramount since ornate design with many colors requires multiple blocks that must fit perfectly within the imprint of the first.

curing and testing

after being carved, the blocks are cured in mustard oil for 1-2 weeks and then tested for registration and artisty. Once the blocks are cured and tested, the next steps: making color and printing begins.

color matching and making

The color masters then match our developed color palette, mixing the pigments or natural dyes and readying them for printing. the colors are then poured into wooden rolling trays, like big inkpads


and then printing commences. one block is printed at a time, in a slow meditative process stamping the print onto the cloth all by hand. This art-form requires great skill and presence. the technique demands precision and patience as each block is laboriously but fluidly lined up to register the colors in an intricate interconnected alignment. it is this hand made craft that results in slight nuanced irregularities in the print, which creates the painterly patina of beauty in the fabric, that so many love. there is poetry in the cloth. a natural and lively charm that a machine is not able to replicate. block printed fabrics are treasure.


the tradition of hand block printing is passed down from generation to generation in india. In choosing your halo and swan scarf, you are supporting artisan craft and cultural heritage preservation. master block printers are trained from a young age in this art-form of their ancestral lineage. it is a privilege to be able to work alongside our team of master artisans. we learn together as we keep the craft invigorated, dedicated to keeping this age-old technique alive.

gots certified organic cotton

your scarf is printed on gots certified organic cotton, using azo free eco-dyes, or natural plant and mineral dyes.

“walk in beauty and leave a soft footprint”